I normally would not record at a funeral, or take photos but this was special.  So many people did not get to hear this while he was playing, some family included.  I always joked with Don that if he was having bagpipes at his funeral i would not be there as I do not like them with my hearing problem...but here I am and I am sure he was laughing at me.

Pastor Paul and Brenda Brown singing...

April Wendorff, Jeff Luebesmier, Dave Saterbak, Rosie Boyovich, Tom & Jane Miller, Matt Wendorff

Gail Engblom, Brooke Donner, Jess Bost and Chris Sandberg did a Refit Revolution Dance Routine

Libbi and Dustin DeMars

Some of Immanuel Confirmation Students did a dance and Glowed!

Jenny and Jeff Beckers sang a duet

Al Tou read a poem......

Brenda and Pastor Paul sang "A Whole New World"

Professor Mark Wilhelm explained the Dating Matrix

Emcees  Joe Kettelhodt and Alex Collins end the show with Dan Engblom adding a few words.